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How use the Union function (MMA v.2,2 on PC )?

Dear Mathgroup

I have wanted to use the Union function to remove repeated elements
in the following problem :

Clear[pe, pierw, llk, x, i, imax, k, u, fun];
pe=100; fun=Tan[x]+(2/pe)*x;
pierw=Table[FindRoot[fun==0, {x, k}], {k, 3, 10, 0.5}];
imax=Length[pierw]; u=Flatten[pierw]; llk=Table[N[u[[i,2]],7], {i,1,imax}];

but I was unable to get it. Why ?
Can someone tell me how to make it ?

Any help in this area would be appriciated 

Boguslaw Ptaszynski
[ e-mail : ptaszyns at ]

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