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Re: How use the Union function (MMA v.2,2 on PC )?

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  • Subject: [mg919] Re: How use the Union function (MMA v.2,2 on PC )?
  • From: rubin at (Paul A. Rubin)
  • Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 03:53:42 -0400
  • Organization: Michigan State University

In article <3nkbi9$mq8 at>,
   ptaszyns at (Boguslaw Ptaszynski) wrote:
->Dear Mathgroup
->I have wanted to use the Union function to remove repeated elements
->in the following problem :
->Clear[pe, pierw, llk, x, i, imax, k, u, fun];
->pe=100; fun=Tan[x]+(2/pe)*x;
->pierw=Table[FindRoot[fun==0, {x, k}], {k, 3, 10, 0.5}];
->imax=Length[pierw]; u=Flatten[pierw]; llk=Table[N[u[[i,2]],7], 
->but I was unable to get it. Why ?
->Can someone tell me how to make it ?
->Any help in this area would be appriciated 
->Boguslaw Ptaszynski
->[ e-mail : ptaszyns at ]
I assume your problem is with the failure to remove repeated elements.  The 
problem is that to Mathematica they are not identical, just close.  Union[] 
 has an option SameTest which you can use to specify how repeated elements 
are detected.  The default seems to be that they be identical.  The 
following change to the last line of your example tests equality only to 
the extent of machine number precision:

  pierw = Union[ llk, SameTest -> (Equal[ Chop[ #1 - #2 ], 0 ]&) ]


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