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Oh why is life never easy? Need help with |vector|

Hi All,

I need to calculate v0 = v / |v| where v is a vector of size 3.
However, |v|, which is a scalar, is for some reason (I don't
understand) treated like a vector (at least VectorQ[|v|] gives
TRUE). Obviously, it is impossible to divide two vectors of different

 |v| is defined as:
	absvec[u_] :=
		{a = Sqrt[(u[[1]]^2+u[[2]]^2+u[[3]]^2)]}]

and called as u = 1/absvec[v]

To bad I have no idea what's wrong with this code. Any input is

	Uli Wortmann

	Dept. of Geology       Fax (Germany) 89 3209 3168
	Tech. Univ. Munich     Fon		     3232
	email: uli at

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