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Formatting problem

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg452] Formatting problem
  • From: clefort at (Clinton R Lefort)
  • Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 07:43:18 -0600


I am creating an 'algorithm' which takes certain pre-defined functions in MAthem
atica and again iterates them a number of times; I have run into two problems wh
ich I would like some help or suggestions on from the group itself:

1) These are my variables and definitions:

(*i = Inst[i_] := 1;*)
s = Start[s_] := s*0.1;
d = Dur[d_] := d*.786;
a = Amp[a_] := a*.586;
f = Freq[f_] := f*100;

This is my function call:

MyIterator[x_]:= TableForm[{{Start[x],Dur[x],Amp[x],Freq[x]}},
 TableHeadings ->{Automatic,{";Edge""Ins","Start","Duration","Amp","Freq"}}]

And this is my Iterator, whcih is producing  a preliminary result:

Table[MyIterator[x],{x,0,5,.25}] (* goes form 0 to5 in increments of .25*)

These are the results:

;Edge Ins Start Duration Amp Freq,

1 0 0 0 0

; Edge Ins Start Duration Amp Freq,

1 0.25 0.1965 0.1465 25.

; Edge Ins Start Duration Amp  Freq,
1 0.05 0.393 0293 50.


I am trying to find a way that Mathematica would only produce the statement

;Edge Ins Start Duration Amp Freq..

only once, then the iterations..

Secondly,I would liketo suppress Mathematica formproducing the Automatic
 number-integer at the begining of every iteration, yet keep the format 
 in TableForm. I have tried several ways to do both , but withnosucess...
 any suggestions willbe greatly appreciated...
 Thank you,
 Clint LeFort

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