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Re: turn off symbols in MultipleListPlot?

In article <DHtHqA.2wB at>, Mimi Lawrence
<lawrencem at> wrote:

> I'm plotting several curves of closely-spaced points using a different 
> line style for each under MultipleListPlot.  How do I "turn off" the 
> symbol associated with each point?  I tried a zero-size for the polygon 
> drawn by DotShapes, but each symbol still showed up. Since the points 
> are close together, the symbol shapes change what the line style is 
> supposed to look like.
> Thanks,
> Mimi L. 

You can control the symbols drawn at each point with the SymbolShape
option. Setting SymbolShape to None for each line will do what I think 
you want.

    Needs[ "Graphics`MultipleListPlot`"]

    ls1 = Table[ {x, Sin[x]},{x, 0, 10, .5}];

    ls2 = Table[ {x, Cos[x]},{x, 0, 10, .5}];

    MultipleListPlot[ ls1, ls2 , 
            SymbolShape -> {None, None},
            PlotJoined -> True,
            LineStyles ->{Dashing[{0.05}],Dashing[{0.02}]}]


I hope this helps.


Ian Collier
Technical Sales Support
Wolfram Research, Inc.
tel:(217)-398-0700     fax:(217)-398-0747      ianc at
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