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Re: Sinh, Cosh and all that

Kenny Breuer <breuer at> wrote:
>I'm looking for a set of transformation rules that will convert
>expoentials to hyperbolic functions (analagous to the function
>ComplexToTrig in the Trigonometry package)
>For example:
>In:	ConvertToHyp[ Exp[3x] + Exp[-3x] ]
>Out:   2 Cosh[3x]
>Kenny Breuer


Perhaps you might try

  In[1]:= ExpToHyp[x_] := x //. Exp[a_] -> (Cosh[a] + Sinh[a])


  In[2]:= ExpToHyp[ Exp[s] - Exp[-s] + Exp[3 x] + Exp[-3 x] ]

  Out[2]:= 2 Cosh[3 x] + 2 Sinh[s]


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