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Re: Plotting

Try Mathematica's built-in ListPlot and Table commands:

ListPlot[Table[{x, (-1)^x}, {x, -5, 5, 1}]]

Rob Pratt
Department of Mathematics
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
CB# 3250, 331 Phillips Hall
Chapel Hill, NC  27599-3250

rpratt at

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Julian Charko wrote:

> In order to plot the function f(x) = a^x, where a<0, over a 
> range of integer values of x, what plotting options would you
> need to use with the Plot command? 
> Specifying a plotting range of real numbers in the usual way,
> as shown below, for example, presents problems because
> Mathematica generates complex numbers for fractional exponents,
> and these obviously cannot be plotted by Plot.
>                  Plot[(-1)^x, {x, -5, 5}]

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