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MathGroup Archive 1996

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TeX output form of Mathematica ; line length problems .

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg3839] TeX output form of Mathematica ; line length problems .
  • From: sparc10!piquet at (Hubert Piquet)
  • Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 00:31:48 -0400
  • Organization: Politechnika Gdanska
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

  I'm using Mathematica (version 2.2 on HP 9000 - 700),
  to perform for me some long symbolic calculus. I have set up a program
  in TeX format as well as in C format, which lead me to difficult
  situations ; these problems occur when the obtained expressions are 
  very large (for the problems I try to solve, very often !!):

  in C format, the capacities of the C compiler are exceeded, and I have
  to edit the file to split the expression in smaller parts; the use of
  'cb' (C beautifier) can also solve this problem.

  in TeX format, two different situations can occur :
  - either the line is too long , and as proposed by my TeX compiler I
  should have to "enlarge it !!"
  - either the TeX compiler is able to read the whole file, but very often,
  the length of the lines produced by Mathematica exceeds the width of the 
  page, so that I cannot read the results !

  Here are my questions :
  is there any option or package for Mathematica to choose the line length
  of the output ?
  is Mathematica able to split the lines in TeX output format ?
  is Mathematica able to define sub-expressions and to use them when 
  printing results in TeX format?

  Here follows an example of produced output with too long line in TeX 
  format ...
  I will be very gratefully for any suggestions ...
  Thank You

    Hubert PIQUET

~~ Hubert Piquet  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique et d'Electronique Industrielle    
   LEEI / ENSEEIHT : 2 rue Camichel - 31071 TOULOUSE Cedex FRANCE
   tel : (33) 61 58 82 61                  fax : (33) 61 63 88 75

\begin{equation} {L_{1}}\,{IL_{1}'[t]} = \left( -{D_{2}} + {{{{{D_{2}}}^2}}\over {{D_{2}} + {D_{3}}}} + {{{{{D_{2}}}^2}\,{{{D_{3}}}^2}}\over {\left( {D_{2}} + {D_{3}} \right) \,\left( {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}} + {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}} \right) }} - {D_{4}} + {{{{{D_{4}}}^2}}\over {{D_{4}} + {D_{5}}}} + {{{{{D_{4}}}^2}\,{{{D_{5}}}^2}}\over {\left( {D_{4}} + {D_{5}} \right) \,\left( {D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} + {D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} + {D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) }} - {R_{1}} \right) \,{IL_{1}[t]} + {{\left( {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}
}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} + {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} - {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}}\,{D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} - {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) \,{VE_{1}[t]}}\over {\left( {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}} + {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}} \right) \,\left( {D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} + {D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} + {D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) }} + {{\left( {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} - {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} - {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) \,{VE_{2}[t]}}\over {\left( {D_{1}}\,{D_{

}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}} + {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}} \right) \,\left( {D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} + {D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} + {D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) }} + {{\left( -\left( {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} \right)  - {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}}\,{D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}}\,{D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) \,{VE_{3}[t]}}\over {\left( {D_{1}}\,{D_{2}} + {D_{1}}\,{D_{3}} + {D_{2}}\,{D_{3}} \right) \,\left( {D_{4}}\,{D_{5}} + {D_{4}}\,{D_{6}} + {D_{5}}\,{D_{6}} \right) }}


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