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Re: Help--which platform to purchase Mathematica for?

In article <4u9ia9$moj at>, sinan at
(Sinan Karasu) wrote:

> In article <4tphdu$kl3 at>,
> Jim Mashek <mashek at> wrote:
> >Hello--
> >
> >My research lab will soon obtain our first copy of Mathematica.
> >However, we are unsure of which platform to run the program on--
> >we have available a Macintosh 7100/66 and a Sun Ultra 1/140.
> >
> >I know that my Sun is faster than the Mac (looked at the speed
> >comparison web page), but I'm not very familiar with how the
> >program feels on the two platforms.  If anyone could offer opinions
> >regarding, for example, how user-friendly the two interfaces are,
> >I'd greatly appreciate it.  All opinions are welcome.
> >
> >Thank you.
> >
> >-- 
> >Jim Mashek
> >mashek at
> I would definitely go with the Solaris version. I have
> a Sparc 20 and a Mac 840AV at home. I have Mathematica on
> both machines. I got sick and tired of running out of memory
> on the Mac (24 MB RAM and 1 GB disk) when I was doing long
> (sometimes many many hours computations) I finally gave
> up using it on the Mac. Good virtual memory/swapping
> subsystem makes all the difference.

At todays RAM prices this isn't an argument anymore.

Karl Unterkofler


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