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Memory & repeated call of Module[...]

Dear Mathgroup,
I am working on Confidence Intervals for parameters obtained with "nonlinear 
One thing I am investigating is resampling: I estimate model parameters from my 
data, bootstrap my initial residuals and combine them with my initial 
"prediction" to a new, "resampled" dataset to be re-evaluated for new parameters 

Repeated use of NonlinearFit takes a lot of memory - too much.

  How can I make NonlinearFit "forget" the old calculations?

As far as I have understood the disussions in "The book" and those by Todd 
Gayley in the CleanSlate Package I have to clear lokal variables in NonlinearFit 
which are created in its Modules - how can I do that?

Suggestions appreciated,
greetings from Germany,

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