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Re: Replacing part of a matrix by another

In article <59voui$f82 at>,
Lidar (Hamburger) dani <dani at> wrote:
>Given a matrix M and a smaller matrix L, what is an elegant way to replace a
>submatrix of M by L, at some specified position {p,q}?
>For example:
>M = Array[m,{5,5}]
>L = Array[l,{2,2}]
>L should replace {{m[2,3],m[2,4]},{m[3,3],m[3,4]}}.


setsub[M_,L_,pos_] := Array[ ( M[[##2]] = L[[Sequence @@ #]] )&
                             [ {##}, Sequence @@ ({##}+pos-1) ] &,
                             Dimensions[L] ]

Then setsub[M,L,{p,q}] should produce the desired results.

You're welcome in advance

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