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extracting points plotted by ContourPlot


Can someone help me with the following problem. After doing a     

       figure =  ContourPlot[f[x,y], ..., Contours ->{0}], 

I want to extract the set of points actually plotted - ie a set of {x,y} 
where f[x,y] == 0 for some additional processing.

The command TextForm[InputForm[Graphics[ figure ]]] gives me a text 
string which has a series of Line commands that actually contains the 
{x,y} values that are plotted.

Now what I want to know is this: can someone tell me a nice (or even 
ugly but workable!) way of extracting the list(s) of points plotted by 
the Line command(s)?

If so I would be very grateful!


|    Richard Easther               No quote - just my address     |
| easther at                                        |      

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