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Re: Mathematica does not know where are my files. Help!!!

In article <innclip4d20cg$ejt at>,
sfdiop01 at (Serigne F. Diop) wrote:

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> Hi guys:
> I have been toiling at this one for while. Now I am turning to the gurus
> out there.
> I had a couple of macros for a Quality Control module that I was coding in
> Mathematica.  It worked fine and I save them in a seperate file called
> "myqctools". But I wanted to call this file in another notebook, PROOOT,
> Mathematica would try to execute the << myqctools command
> and display "Could not open myqctools".  I moved the macro file on the
> same folder as the Mathematica application, but no juice. 
> I tried another way using the SetDirectory command, but no juice.  I also
> tried coding the thing as a package, but I am afraid that I did some
> wrong, Mathematica could not still find it.  This is on a PowerMac 8500.
> My questions:
>      -where should I have external files for Mathematica to see them?
>      _how to create a package, and where to store a newly created one for
> Mathematica to see it.
> Thanks to anyone who'd help....
> Falou.....

Provided your files are in a folder or directory that is on 
the Mathematica search path then you should be able to read 
it in using Get (<<).

To find out what directories or folders are on Mathematica's
search path evaluate:


in Mathematica.

You can also add folders and directories to $Path.

On a Macintosh you can add a folder called (for example) 
MyFiles at the root level of a hard disk (again for 
example) called Macintosh HD to $Path with the following 

    AppendTo[ $Path, "Macintosh HD:MyFiles" ]

which you could place in your init.m file so that it
is evaluated every time you run Mathematica.

If you require further help with this I would suggest 
that you contact Wolfram Research Technical Support 
(support at directly.

I hope this helps.


Ian Collier
Technical Sales Support
Wolfram Research, Inc.
tel:(217) 398-0700     fax:(217) 398-0747      ianc at
Wolfram Research Home Page:   


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