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Re: Help: Column/Row Vector

In article <4q5k2d$bsb at>, khinast at wrote:

>I have two vectors x=(x1,x2) and y = (y1,y1). How can I persuade Mathematica
>that e.g. x is a column vector and y is a row vector, which is kind of 
>important for their multiplication .
>I've studied the help page for hours, with no result. So could  
>someone please help me. My email address is: 
>khinast at

Hi, this had me stumped myself. If want, say x, to be a column vector you
enter into Mma: x = {{x1},{x2},...{xn}}. For a row vector, say y, you
simply enter y = {y1,y2,...,yn}. There you have it.


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