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Re: Exporting and Editing MMA Graphics?

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  • Subject: [mg4487] Re: Exporting and Editing MMA Graphics?
  • From: glgesm at (Gary L. Gray)
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 02:37:36 -0400
  • Organization: Penn State University - Engineering Science & Mechanics
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In article <4snbdm$rra at>, siegman at (A.
E. Siegman) wrote:

> I want to generate graphics (scientific plots, etc.) in mma, 
> export them to files, and then edit and touch them up (add 
> text labels,change fonts, change line weights, rotate or 
> reshape) in a graphics program (probably SuperPaint), for 
> use in TeX and other word-processing documents.  What's the 
> best way to do this? (in terms of editing capability after
> export and good printing, including scaled).  (B&W only.)
> Specific questions raised by a few tests already performed:
> 1) Best to export via the clipboard, or via writing to a file?
> 2)  If I export thru the clipboard, does it make any difference 
> whether I initially copy the graphic cell itself, or the 
> "Graphics" cell just underneath it?
> 3)  If I convert the clipboard to PICT (not Bitmap PICT), 
> save to a file, and open the file with SuperPaint, it comes 
> out in the "Draw" layer, and each element in the graphic seems 
> to be a separate object, which I can drag, edit, change line 
> weight, etc. -- but I guess I've then irretrievably lost any 
> Postscript information...?
> But if I do the same except converting the clipboard to "Embedded 
> Postscript PICT" before saving, then the entire graphic seems 
> to be one object, which I can't edit in SuperPaint.
> Any way to get the virtues of both?  (Or a better way to do this?)
> 4)  Any place I should look (besides rtfm) for more information 
> on these kinds of questions?

I have been doing this for years (for inclusion in Textures and OzTeX
documents) and I have found that the best way for me has been to export
the Mma graphic as an Adobe Illustrator file then use Adobe Illustrator to
"beautify" it. It works incredibly well and Illustrator is a super
application. Since you are at Stanford, you should be able to get
Illustrator 6.0 for a little over $100.

Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.
 Gary L. Gray               Engineering Science & Mechanics
 Assistant Professor                  Penn State University
 mailto:glgesm at                  (814) 863-1778
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