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MathLink questions

Recently there has been some discussion of MathLink here
so I thought I could throw in my own trouble.

I want to add some numerical functions written in C to 
Mathematica. Eventually I managed to do so (using CodeWarrior),
and it works fine. But:

i) in 3 of 4 cases, mprep crahes. It crashes less frequently if
   I turn off the memory manager (I am using a power mac 7100).
ii) I have some mysterious crashes when running the compiled program with
    Mathematica like  a frozen cursor. Is there a way to find out whether
    my own program causes the trouble (without tracing through the program).
iii) And actually, how fast is MathLink? That is, should I dare to call
    a MathLink function 10^6 times or should I rather do the whole computation
    in my program and write the result to a giant hard disc?




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