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Re: Numerical Evaluation of Sqrt[]

In article <4obg6v$na9 at>,
Dennis S. Lindell <lindell at ARL.MIL> wrote:

>In[]:=	a=2;
>	b=2;
>	c=2;
>	d=2;
>	e=2;
>	f=2;
>	g=Sqrt[(a+b)^2 + (c+d)^2 + (e+f)^2]
>Out[]=	Sqrt[32. + 16. ]

You've clearly left out some things that are quite important. Your
numbers should not appear as 32. or 16.  And if anyone types your
input into Mathematica, the results are 4 Sqrt[3].

You must have some hidden characters in there, or you did something
very strange with Precision and Accuracy.  Mathematica has problems
with numbers if you are used to conventional interpretations as
in Fortran or C.

Richard J. Fateman
fateman at


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