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Re: Help w/ ListContourPlot w/ huge data file

Yohon Lo wrote:

> ReadList["result.dat", {Number, Number, Number}]
> ListContourPlot[%,Contours->{9.5}, ContourSmoothing->Automatic]

ListContourPlot needs an array of z values as first input.
You gave it a List of 3D-coordinates, wich is different. 
ListContourPlot plots each point over its index in x and y direction.
If you want to plot your points you need to triangulate your points 
into an surface, or tell MMA otherwise how to interpolate between
your (probably) unsorted points.

Jens Potschadtke

Institute for biomedical engineering at the FAU Erlangen (germany).

mailto:Jens.Potschadtke at

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