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This is perhaps more of a mathematics question than a Mathematica
question, but I would appreciate any input. I have defined a function
that creates a circle in the XZ plane. I would like to show how this
function varies (either parametrically or incrementally) along Y by
variations in position and size of the XZ plots. The result should be a
tube (or cylinder...) parallel to the Y axis. I can plot a series of
circles along Y to show this, but I would prefer to stretch a skin over
those circles, i.e., to define a surface. I have examined a couple of
MMA tube-plotting notebooks, but these usually involve rotation about
one axis to create shells, etc. I would appreciate any references or
code fragments. I am a beginner at MMA programming.

Dr. Andy R. Bobyarchick
Dept. of Geography and Earth Sciences
UNC Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28223


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