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Re: Re: Re: Re EPS files produced by Mathematica 3.0

david fowler wrote:
> THIS HELPED IN MY CASE. I could see the .eps files in Illustrator, but
> they would not print [or they were printing to some 'virtual' part of
> the page]. This fix, recommended by WRI, solved the problem. [Kind of
> a pain to have to do this every time, however....]
> David Fowler
> University of Nebraska-Lincoln
> -------------------------
> from WRI:
> It's a bug in "Save as EPS". I've done some probing into the
> PostScript, and came up with this fix:
> 1) Open the EPS file in an editor that will allow you to edit the
> data but preserve the resource. BBEdit does this -- just edit and
> save (not Save As).
> 2) look for the following lines:
> 0 Mbottom Mheight neg add 2 mul Mheight add translate
> 1 -1 scale
> 3) Change the top line to this:
> 0 Mbottom Mheight add 0.01 mul Mheight add translate
Another way (I got no human reply from WRI when i asked similar
question) is to correct the bounding box info at the top of the eps
file. View the eps in Ghostscript, get the correct bounding box info by
looking at the status line as you move the cursor, and replace the
bounding box coords in the raw eps file. works for me, but I'm appalled
by WRI's laxitude.


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