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Re: Re: Abs and Sign anomolies

In article <5n59ar$oi5$3 at>, "w.meeussen"
<w.meeussen.vdmcc at> wrote:

> That already makes *two* platform differences in "Kernel-operations":
> my Mma on Win'95:
> $Version        "Microsoft Windows 3.0 (October 6, 1996)"
> Abs[Sign[x]] gives: 1
> Abs[Sign[0]] gives: 0
> earlier, I found that my version does:
> FactorInteger[1]     {{1,1}}
> FactorInteger[0]     {{0,1}}

The Mac version (at least the 680x0 FPU version) behaves the same as you
version. The difference between Kernel operations on different machines
means that programs which rely on these sorts of commands to work may not
be portable. These difficulties are easy to remove (simply define them
away) but 1) you may not know there is an error 2) there may not be a
problem on your system but ....


"Macintosh (FPU) 3.0 (December 1, 1996)"



Alistair Windsor
Mathematics Graduate Student 
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand

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