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Help with Mathematica or Mathlab


I need help to isolate x from the below equation. I don't have access to 
Mathematica or other such software. If a kind soul has a few minutes to 
figure out for me, that would be a great help! Here's the equation. Q, R 
and E are variables, not constants.

Q =      R²x      * (1-0.0058 ln x) * E
    (R² + x²)^1.5   

If there's rubbish in the above because of badly translated ascii 
caracters, here's another version where i used ^ as power symbol.

Q =    (R^2) x     * (1-0.0058 ln x) * E
    (R^2 + x^2)^1.5   

Please reply privately to daigles at as i won't be able to 
check the newsgroup.



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