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how to NDSolve x'[t] == 1 where x[t] -> Mod[x,2*Pi] ?

i'm intersted in integrating ODEs (or systems of 1st order ODEs) that
represent phase dynamics (oscillators) and therefore evolve on
tori. i.e. the state has to be taken modulo 2 Pi whenever it 'leaves'
the range [0,2*PI]?  the simplest example is:

x'[t] == 1  where x[t] -> Mod[x , 2 Pi] 

in general x'[t] == f[x] where f[x] is 2*Pi periodic in all its
arguements defines a smooth dynamical system on an n-torus

how can i force NDSolve to take the modulo of the dependent states?

thanks for the info,

 |          Alan Calvitti          |
 |       Control Engineering       |
 | Case Western Reserve University |

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