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Export of HTML/GIF broken on NextStep/Intel?

I'm using MMA 3.0, running under NextStep/Intel.

I am trying to export a notebook (see my previous posting) to put on the  
web.  The equations seem to get rendered as GIF's.  However, none of the  
plots do - empty (0 byte) gif files are created.

I also tried doing Display["<filename>", graphic, "GIF"] and got the same  
result - empty GIF files.

I searched the group archives and didn't notice mention of this problem.   
Has anyone else seen it?  I'd send mail to Wolfram tech support except that  
they've never responded to mail about other such problems I've sent to them.

Michael Giddings
giddings at
giddings at
(608)258-1699 or (608) 692-2851

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