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Strange Font Behavior, cant turn off bold!

I have a strange problem with Mathematica 3.0 for linux.  I'm running
 4.2 with the 2.0.30 kernel.  I copied all the Fonts from the Unix
Directory  on the Mathematica CD and put them in the Fontpath as
indicated by  /etc/X11/Xconfig.

Ok, so here is the problem.  When I start Mathematica, it defaults to a
12 pt.  Courier bold font.  That's ok, so I change it to some other
font or size and  start typing...everything seems to work great.  

However, as soon as I hit the return key the font resets to
courier-12-bold.   It is VERY annoying because I have to reset the font
every time I hit return. 
 Is this a known bug (or feature?)  of Mathematica?  Is there a way to
fix it?  

Basically what I want is for the font to stay what I set it to be until
I  change it.  is there any way to get this? 

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! 
please CC a response to Roark at as my news server  is very

Thank you very much!
Michael McPherson

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