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Packages again

Thanks for the replies on my question about Packages. That seems to be
cleared up but now I've got another.

I have recently written several Packages some of which depend on  the
others. In other words, Packages x, y, and z, are read in upon loading
Package w.  I do this in the BeginPackage statement.

For each of these, there are usage statements.  Consequently, when I
load Package w, I can find out what any particular symbols mean in
Packages x, y, and z.  However, when I ask ?*Packagew`* I would like to
have it show the symbols that are defined in the other Packages. 

I know I can achieve this be asking the same question but using the
other Package names, but that isn't what I want for the prospective

Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

Tim Coutts
tim_coutts at

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