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Bottons and Notations

Dear Group,

I would like to introduce a buttons for ClebschGordan 
coefficients and Wigner D matrix traditional notations.
  Namely, I would like two dimensional forms:

\Bigl[     \[PlaceHolder],\[PlaceHolder],\[PlaceHolder]     \Bigr]

and D_{m,m'}^j. (in TeX notation}

Also it would be nice to Symbolize them  in such a way, that
first of them correspond to usual notation of ClebschGordan coefficient:


(* I would like to use patterns here   *)
And the second  to something like:


(* Note here WD instead of D, in order to prevent confusing with usual D[] *)

I just started with 3.0, so any suggestions welcom.
Thank You very much

Arturas Acus

acus at

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