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Q: Collect, Coefficient, and non-integer exponents

	Hi folks,

        Assume that for fun one want to deal with an expression containing
        non-integer powers of a certain variable x. Take as an illustration
  	the following expression;
expr = Expand[Sum[(a*n +b*n -c)*x^(n+0.12/n),{n,1,4}]];

  	One knows in advance that a power of x is, for example, 1.12 and
     	we want to know its coefficient. Apparently Coefficient and Collect
        work only with integers. Is there a way to deal with this situation?


E-mail: sergio at

   I am using Mathematica:
In[37]:= $Version
Out[37]= DEC OSF/1 Alpha 2.2 (September 9, 1994)


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