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Re: Installation of Mathematica 3.0.2 on NextStep

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  • Subject: [mg11837] Re: Installation of Mathematica 3.0.2 on NextStep
  • From: "Tom Marchioro" <>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 00:35:43 -0500
  • Organization: University of Washington
  • References: <6esfep$>


If no one else has answered this question for you, try a command like 
(this is from memory, so if it does not work write me and I will delve
around on my NeXT system at home)

ln -s /usr/local/mathematica/   /LocalApps/

as root, or substitute your personal Apps directory for the latter

Two things to  note:

1)  You also  need to get the Fonts properly installed, either by
symbolic links or by copying them to one of the Font directories
recognized by NeXTstep.

2)  The above fix will cause .nb files to be registered with Mathematica
3.0, so double clicking them will cause the app to launch, etc. 
HOWEVER, you will not be able to  use the TeXSave and HTMLSave
functions if you launch Mathematica in this way.  Instead you get
errors about "Mathematica and the kernel use different file systems." 
If you want to use those features launch Mathematica from
/usr/local/mathematica and open the file from there.

Hope this helps --- tom

Dr. Thomas L. Marchioro II
Department of Chemistry
University of Washington
Ryan Scott wrote in message <6esfep$>...
>I am wondering how set up the Mathematica executable to run from
>/LocalApps (as  is the NextStep standard) so that the Workspace will
>find Mathematica in its  search path. This will allow Workspace Manager
>to recognize .nb file  extensions (ie, you can double click a .nb file
>and start up Mathematica) and  users to easily find the app.
>The default installation puts everything off of /usr/local/mathematica.
>I have tried linking the Mathematica executable to the /LocalApps
>directory but  if you run Mathematica from the link it can't find the
>./SystemFiles directory.   Is there a work around for this? Can I
>hardwire the location of the  SystemFiles within Mathematica so it
>won't take it from the launch directory?
>  Ryan P. Scott
>  Laser and Electro-Optics Research Group
>  UC Davis - Department of Applied Science
>  Tel: (530)754-4358  Fax: (530)752-1652
>  Email:

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