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Re: Extracting parameters from NonlinearFit

Jeff Wank wrote

> Recently I began writing a program to do a monte carlo simulation of an
> NMR experiment. The whole routine is attached (I hope that works.) The
> problem is this:
> I perform a NonlinearFit utilizing an exponential function of the form
> Exp[-a*x]. The nonlinear fit gives me back an equation, something like
> 1*E(-a*x). I want to extract the a parameter out of the equation


NonlinearRegress giveve more information then NonlinearFit, inlcuding
replacement rules for the parameters.



data =Table[{t,3.2*Exp[-0.5*t]  +(Random[]-.5)}, {t,0,2,.2}];

BestFitParameters/.NonlinearRegress[data, a Exp[b t], {t},{a,b},
RegressionReport -> BestFitParameters]

{a -> 3.16783, b -> -0.512375}

f[t_]= a Exp[b t]/.%

 0.512375 t

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