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Re: Questions about functions.

The answer to the first question is f[x___]:={x}

The second question strikes me as odd. In s[e,f], s is a symbol or
something that can serve as the head of an expresison. In the desired
output s is something susceptible to addition.

Seth J. Chandler
Associate Professor of Law
University of Houston Law Center

El alchemista wrote:

> I will appreciate your input to these two questions.
> 1 - How can I convert the sequence of all arguments of a function  into
> a list ?              In vain I tried      f[x__] := List @@ x
> 2 - How can I make functions which use their own names , for instance so
> that   s[e,f]   for some symbol   s   and all expressions    e , f
> becomes    (s+e)(s+f)  ?
> Many thanks
> jaime Combariza

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