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When I read the code of that ps programm (MathSubStart), it seems to me
that only 5 elements remain on the stack after it run : Momatrix
Mgmatrix Mtmatrix Mwidth Mheight

But when I try :

PostScript[".1 .5"],
Graphics[{PostScript["7 -2 roll moveto 1 1.4 lineto stroke"],
Line[{{0,0},{1, 1}}]},
PlotRange->{{0,1},{0,1}},AspectRatio->2]] ,Line[{{1,1},{.5,.3}}]},

This don't work . In fact , if I replace "7 -2 roll" by "9 -2 roll" ,
it's OK. Is there two others elements on the stack ?  help me ..

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