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RE: List as variable

Two tips:
1- Your command is not syntaxically correct: you should write "Number"
instead of "Numbers". Normally you should have had a warning message;
check if the generation of warning messages is not disabled (see the
reference book for messages).
2- If you are using Version3, use the menu command Input/GetFilePath to
enter the path of the file you want to read. If you are still in
Version2, make sure the path is correctly written, for instance with
Microsoft OSes, the path look like "F:\\Math\\foo.m" , because
Backslash is a special character.

Hope this helps,

**************************************** Jean-Marie THOMAS
Conseil et Audit en Inginierie de Calcul Strasbourg, France

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From: A. T. Roach [] To:
Subject: [mg11946] [mg11938] List as variable

I am a newcomer to Mathematica and am having a little trouble reading in
a file. I can get

In[1]:= ReadList["flnm",RecordLists->True,Numbers] to read in a file and
make a list, but I don't quite  understand how to put that list into a
variable so that I can work on it. When I try something simplistic like

In[2]:= data=ReadList["flnm",RecordLists->True,Numbers]

I just get




I would suppose this is something fundamental and simple, but I am not
making any progress, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks...remove 1001 to reply.

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