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Re: Re: Inserted Objects wont Print!!

Alberto Raydan wrote:
> >Hi,I created a picture using "insert object" from the menu (it is a MS
> >Word Draw picture) but when I print my notebook all I get is a big,
> >gaping holein the page where the picture should be.  The picture
> >prints OK from allother Win95 apps with an insert object option so I
> >must be stuffingsomething up in Mathematica.Any ideas? (I'm using
> >Mathematica 3.0 under Win95)Thanks,- Peter.
> What a coincidence! I just had the same problem today. I inserted a
> bitmap straight from MS Paint into a notebook cell using Insert
> Object... Bitmap Image. I tried many things like changing the format
> style of the cell to Text, etc. In most of the experiments I just got a
> blank space in the printout. In some cases I got only (a small) part of
> the picture. I'll be very interested too in finding out how to work
> around this problem.
> Alberto Raydan

Unfortunately, there is no way to get an OLE cell (the result of doing
Insert Object) to print directly in 3.0. To work around this, you could
convert the cell to a bitmap cell by doing Cell->Convert To...->Bitmap.
Disadvantages to this method are that you can no longer activate the
object by double-clicking it, and it will print out only at screen
resolution (although if the object you inserted was a bitmap image,
this shouldn't be a problem).  In 3.0.1, you could also try converting
the cell to a metafile cell (Cell->Convert To...->Metafile), which does
a better job of preserving the resolution of the graphic.

John Fultz
Front End Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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