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Re: Re: Inserted Objects wont Print!!

>Unfortunately, there is no way to get an OLE cell (the
>result of doing Insert Object) to print directly in 3.0.
>To work around this, you could convert the cell to a
>bitmap cell by doing Cell->Convert To...->Bitmap.
>Disadvantages to this method are that you can no longer
>activate the object by double-clicking it, and it will
>print out only at screen resolution (although if the
>object you inserted was a bitmap image, this shouldn't
>be a problem).  In 3.0.1, you could also try converting
>the cell to a metafile cell (Cell->Convert To...->Metafile),
>which does a better job of preserving the resolution of
>the graphic.
>John Fultz
>Front End Group
>Wolfram Research, Inc.


Thanks for the tip. I tried both methods but they didn't quite work for
me. I'm using Mathematica 3.0.1 under MS Windows 95. In any event, I
decided to move all the relevant information from the Mathematica
notebook to MS Word and print from there. Mathematica is a great
program but it has its shortcomings. This printing issue is the least
of my worries. I'm not going to air in this email all my gripes but I
hope future versions of Mathematica solve some of these problems.

Thanks again,
Alberto Raydan

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