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Re: calculation

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  • Subject: [mg12017] Re: calculation
  • From: "Stephen P Luttrell" <>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 03:40:52 -0400
  • Organization: Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
  • References: <6gr69a$>

>I have an equation
>.001422409738*R^(73/80)*(R^(1/2)-1)^(-13/40) == .04
>i'm using the Solve function in Mathematica 3.0 to solve it for R, but
>it calculats endlessly and takes very long time. the question is that
>is there any way to optimize this equation or using another function in
>Mathematica 3.0 to make it faster to calculate?

Try using FindRoot.

FindRoot[.001422409738*R^(73/80)*(R^(1/2)-1)^(-13/40) == .04,{R,2}]

gives the answer

{R -> 81.2677}


Stephen P Luttrell
Adaptive Systems Theory                           01684-894046 (phone)
Room EX21, DERA                                    01684-894384 (fax)
Malvern, Worcs, WR14 3PS, U.K.

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