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Re: How to plot list from (0,0) ?

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  • Subject: [mg12064] Re: How to plot list from (0,0) ?
  • From: "David Keith" <>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 01:52:34 -0400
  • Organization: Hevanet Communications
  • References: <6h70q0$>


I tried this and it seems to be working as you intend.

One possibility is that, with the first point located at the origin, you
do not see it. Try


to plot the result and the points will be large enough to see, even when
on a grid line.

Another approach is to control the plot range explicitly, for example

    ListPlot[originalList, PlotRange->{{0,Automatic},All}].

This has the advantage of not adding a false data point.

Enjoy Mathematica!

8623806 wrote in message <6h70q0$>...
> I have a list with 10 element as follows,
>  {6,6.0466},{7,6.97955},{8,7.91079},{9,8.84024},{10,9.7713}}, which is
>a computed result
>I hope to plot this list from {0,0}, hence I use Prepend[t,{0,0}] to
>insert {0,0}. But it seems not work, the output graphic is not from
>If anyone can tell me, the beginner of Mathematica. Thank a lot!

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