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Re: How to plot list from (0,0) ?

If you check, after you PrePend, you will find that t is still the
original data!

try the following:

t = {your list};

now plot t


t={your list};

then plot s
this way you retain your original data

John C. Erb

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Subject: [mg12039] [mg11984] How to plot list from (0,0) ?

> I have a list with 10 element as follows, 
>  {6,6.0466},{7,6.97955},{8,7.91079},{9,8.84024},{10,9.7713}}, which is
>a computed result
>I hope to plot this list from {0,0}, hence I use Prepend[t,{0,0}] to 
>insert {0,0}. But it seems not work, the output graphic is not from
>If anyone can tell me, the beginner of Mathematica. Thank a lot!

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