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RE: Get Error - Messages

Hi everyone out there ... 

I need a little Help on Mathematica 2.2 . 

We have to describe a pre-calculated 3D Vectorfield by 3D Fieldlines. 
But if we choose a starting point on which the Fieldline would leave
the Interploated 3D Area this message occurs : 

   Differential equation does not evaluate to a number at t = 1.61292. 

Now, we understand the problem why this message occurs, but we need to
know the Point t = 1.61292 (the exact number of t) exactly in a
variable.  I have tried to get more Info via "Check" or "CheckAbort".
Also patching the Error-Message with NDSolve::ndnum = "`2`" results the
wanted t = ...  while computing the Fieldline, but we have no access to
this for further calculations. 

I would be very pleased, if somebody could answer me how to get the
message to a string or better the exact t value in a Real variable

I hope somebody understands my bad English and answers me by e-mail to

Many thanks in forward to all people, who spend some time on thinking
about my Problem ... 

Ulrich Roesch

University Of Kaiserslautern, Germany - Department of Physical Chemistry

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