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PDEs in Mathematica 3.0


Please excuse my poor english, it isn't my preferred language. I have a
problem with solving a system of PDEs, that are depending  on two
variables, x (position) and t (time). So it looks like this: D[vec.
unkn.,x]=[matrix A].D[vec. unkn.,t]+[matrix B].[vec. unkn.] and of
course initial conditions.
Is there any way, how to solve this system by using Mathematica, or 
have I to load some package (which?). If this question should be better
asked at the mailing list, I would  like to ask you for subscription or
for a link to a better place,  where my problem could be solved too.
Thank you

ing. Tomas Muzik
University of West Bohemia
Dep. of electrical Engineering
Plzen, Czech Republic

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