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Re: Sqrt Problems

In article <6hpb0f$>, PAUL REISER

> Forgive me if this is a simple question, but I am trying to get  "1" out
> of the following expression and I can't seem to figure out how:
>         u = Sqrt[a+I*b/a] * Sqrt[a^2+I*b] / Sqrt[a]
> Is there a package I'm missing or something?
>         Thanks - 
>         Paul Reiser

The expression in question is not equal to 1:

In[1]:= u = Sqrt[a + I*b/a]*Sqrt[a^2 + I*b]/Sqrt[a]

Out[1]= (Sqrt[a^2 + I*b]*Sqrt[a + (I*b)/a])/Sqrt[a]

In[2]:= Expand[u^2]

Out[2]= a^2 + 2*I*b - b^2/a^2

Perhaps you made a mistake when you typed the input line that  you

David Reiss
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