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Re: Mathematica 3.0.1 / Win95 woes

L. Dwynn Lafleur wrote:
> (1)  Does anyone know if WRI intends to make the Win95 front end of
> Mathematica more like a standard Win95 interface re keystrokes, etc.,
> in the future?

The Shift+Down/Up arrow issue was an oversight.  Incidentally, it works
just fine in regular text cells; only in StandardForm and
TraditionalForm cells does it fail to work.  In fact, this isn't really
specific to Win95; all front ends should support this functionality. 
Other suggestions are always welcome.

> (2)  Regarding graphics importing, is it just me???  I would like to
> know if other Win95/Mathematica users have had similar problems,
> especially if you have solved them.

I'm not familiar with any problems opening or printing bitmaps (by just
using the Open or Import menu items), or with opening metafiles.  There
are some remaining problems printing better on some
printers than others (but opening them should and viewing them on
screen should work just fine).  If you convert the metafile to a bitmap
(Cell->Convert To->Bitmap) the cell prints with okay cropping, but at
the screen's resolution.

I'd be curious to know what problems you're seeing with bitmaps.

These problems are being addressed for future releases.

> TIA.
> Dwynn

John Fultz
Front End Group
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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