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Re: Undocumented 3.0 Features

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  • Subject: [mg13652] Re: Undocumented 3.0 Features
  • From: Robert Villegas <villegas>
  • Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 17:38:26 -0500
  • Organization: Wolfram Research
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

> What did you do to discover that list of undocumented kernel commands?
> (Bribe a kernel developer?)

> I looked at the output of;
> In[1]:=
> ?A*
> In[2]:=
> ?B*
> In[3[]:=
> ?C*
> etc.
> For each output displayed I took a closer look at the symbols I haven't
> herd  of before
> (ie.  ?ArgumentCountQ).   I am very familiar with the Kernel so I had a 
> pretty good idea which features are officially documented.  I spent
> about  1/2 hour a day on this for about ten days.

You can compute a good approximation by looking for all System` symbols
that lack a usage message.  I'm not sure it's exactly the same as Ted's
more thorough effort, but it should get you very close:

Mathematica 3.0 for Linux
Copyright 1988-97 Wolfram Research, Inc.

In[1]:= Block[{$Urgent = {}},   
            (Information[#]; Not @ StringQ[
              MessageName @@ Append[ToHeldExpression[#], "usage"]

Out[1]= {After, AlgebraicRules, Alias, AutoLineWrap, AutoQuotes, AutoScroll, 
>    Axis, Backward, Before, BinaryGet, BinaryOp, Bold, BoldItalic, BoxData, 
>    BoxDimensions, BoxForm, BoxFrame, BoxMargins, BoxRegion, 
>    BoxSizeAdjustments, Button, ButtonCell, ButtonContents, ButtonMnemonic, 
>    CallPacket, CellBoundingBox, CellContents, CellElementsBoundingBox, 
>    CellElementSpacings, CellGroup, CellStyle, CharacterCode, Closed, 
>    Column, ColumnSize, ColumnSpacing, Compose, ContentsBoundingBox, 
>    Continuation, ContourSmoothing, ConvertToBitmapPacket, 
>    ConvertToPostScript, CounterBox, Cubics, DefaultFont, DefineExternal, 
>    DialogIndent, Different, DisplayEndPacket, DisplayPacket, DisplayRules, 
>    Enter, EnterExpressionPacket, EnterTextPacket, EvaluatePacket, 
>    EvaluationCell, Exact, ExactNumberQ, Expandable, ExpressionPacket, 
>    ExternalCall, FactorComplete, Fail, File, FileBrowse, FileName, Font, 
>    FontChange, FontFace, FontSizeChange, FormatRules, Forward, 
>    FractionLine, FrontEndObject, FrontEndToken, FrontEndTokenExecute, 
>    GenerateBitmapCaches, GetLinebreakInformationPacket, GraphicsData, 
>    GridBoxOptions, GridFrame, Hash, ImageOffset, Indent, IndentMaxFraction, 
>    InexactNumberQ, InlineRules, InputNamePacket, InputPacket, 
>    InputToInputForm, InputToStandardForm, Interactive, InterpolationPoints, 
>    InterpolationPrecision, Italic, Language, Large, Larger, LineBreak, 
>    LineHeight, LineLength, LineThickness, LinkActivate, LinkConnectedQ, 
>    LinkOptions, MathematicaNotation, MathOp, MaximumSize, MaxSpanSize, 
>    MaxSteps, MessageOptions, MessagePacket, MinSpanSize, MonomialList, 
>    NestedScriptRules, Next, Notation, NotebookConvert, NotebookDefault, 
>    NotebookDirectory, NotebookInformation, NotebookPath, Open, 
>    OptionsPacket, Ordinary, OutputFormData, OutputNamePacket, 
>    OutputToOutputForm, OutputToStandardForm, Overscript, PageHeight, 
>    PaperWidth, ParentConnect, Placeholder, PolynomialForm, 
>    PostScriptCellRendering, Precedence, PreserveStyleSheet, Previous, 
>    PrintForm, PrintPrecision, PrivateFontOptions, Punctuation, Quartics, 
>    RawData, RelationalOp, Release, ReturnExpressionPacket, ReturnPacket, 
>    ReturnTextPacket, Row, RowSize, RowSpacing, ScriptRules, 
>    ScriptScriptStyle, ScriptSpacing, ScriptStyle, SetOptionsPacket, 
>    ShrinkWrapBoundingBox, Small, Smaller, Space, Spacing, 
>    SpanCharacterRound, SpanSymmetric, StringBreak, StyleBoxAutoDelete, 
>    StyleData, Subscript, Subscripted, Subsuperscript, Superscript, 
>    Symmetric, Syntax, SyntaxForm, SyntaxPacket, SystemStub, Tab, 
>    TextBoundingBox, TextData, TextForm, TextLine, TextPacket, 
>    TextParagraph, Top, TotalHeight, TraditionalNotation, TraditionalOrder, 
>    UnAlias, Underoverscript, Underscript, VeryLarge, WhiteSpace, 
>    WindowWidth, ZeroWidthTimes, $DefaultFont, $DSolveIntegrals, $LicenseID, 
>    $LicenseServer, $Off, $PreferencesDirectory, $RootDirectory, 
>    $SoundDisplay, $TraceOff, $TraceOn}


Robby Villegas

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