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Re: Matrix Multiplication

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  • Subject: [mg13764] Re: Matrix Multiplication
  • From: murray at (Murray Eisenberg)
  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 05:07:14 -0400
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Des Penny (dpenny at wrote:

: I'm trying to multiply a 3x1 matrix and a 1x2 matrix.  I should get a
: 3x2 matrix, but instead I get an error message:

: In: A=Array[a,{3,1}]
: Out: {{a[1,1]},{a[2,1]},{a[3,1]}}

: In: B=Array[b,{2}]
: Out: {b[1],b[2]}

: In: A.B
: Dot::"dotsh": "Tensors \!\({\({a[\(1, 1\)]}\), \({a[\(2, 1\)]}\),
: \({a[\(3, 1\)]}\)}\) and \!\({\(b[1]\), \(b[2]\)}\) have incompatible
: shapes."
: Out: {{a[1,1]},{a[2,1]},{a[3,1]}}.{b[1],b[2]}

Your B is _not_ a 1-by-2 matrix but rather just a simple list of length

In: B = Array[b, {2}]
Out: {b[1],b[2]}

In: Dimensions[B]
Out: {2}

Hence the last dimension of your A, namely, its number of columns (1),
does not equal the first dimension of your B.

Change B to BB as follows:

In: BB = Array[b, {1, 2}]
Out: {{b[1,1],b[1,2]}}

In: Dimensions[BB]
Out: {1,2}

In: A . BB
Out: {{a[1,1] b[1,1],a[1,1] b[1,2]},
      {a[2,1] b[1,1],a[2,1]b[1,2]},
      {a[3,1] b[1,1],a[3,1] b[1,2]}}

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