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Re: String patterns

MJE wrote:

> How good is Mathematica at this kind of string manipultion and
> searching?

Here is a basic implementation:

In[1]:= string="I love Mathematica"; In[2]:= chars=Characters[string]
In[3]:= ToUpperCase[chars]

Select all upper case letters (and " ",".","-",":"):

In[4]:= Select[%,UpperCaseQ[#]||
      MemberQ[ToCharacterCode/@{" ",".","-",":"},ToCharacterCode[#]]&]

Form the trigraphs explicitly

In[5]:= trigraphs=Apply[StringJoin,Partition[%,3,1],{1}]

and compute the frequencies:

In[6]:=<<Statistics`DataManipulation` In[6]:=

MAT   2
VE    1
TIC   1
THE   1
OVE   1
 MA   1

There is probably a neat pattern-matching way of computing the
frequencies without constructing the trigraphs explicitly.

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