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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Re: typesetting problem in Mathematica3 / NT wrote:
> I'm having a frustrating time trying to typeset with PlotLabel.
> specifically, the command
> Show[GraphicsArray[grArray,
>     PlotLabel->FontForm["Some Plot Label",{"Times-Bold",12}]]]
> results in "Some Plot Label" getting all garbled up - the characters
> being both displayed and printed on top of each other (strings that
> contain no spaces don't have this problem).
> grArray is a {3,2} matrix of plots which themselves contain PlotLabel
> commands and there are problems even within these nested plots: for
> example, one label is the string "L3 (reference)" which displays
> normally on the screen but prints out as "L3 HreferenceL" (without the
> quotes).
> I know that FontForm has been superceded by StyleForm, but I tried that
> as well with the same bad results. I've even tried several font and
> size combinations just to see if that was the culprit, but no luck.
> Anyone know if this is a known bug in Mathematica 3.0 under WinNT 4.0 or
> is there something I'm missing?
> Thanks for the info,
>  +---------------------------------+
>  |          Alan Calvitti          |
>  | Systems and Control Engineering |
>  |    Autonomous Robotics Group    |
>  | Case Western Reserve University |
>  +---------------------------------+

Both the following work fine with 3.01 on my Mac

PlotLabel->FontForm["Some Plot Label",{"Times-Bold",12}]]

PlotLabel->StyleForm["Some Plot Label",
			FontSize ->12]

Allan Hayes
Training and Consulting
Leicester, UK
voice: +44 (0)116 271 4198
fax: +44 (0)116 271 8642

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