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MathGroup Archive 1998

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Re: Re: MathLive Professional and Mathematica3.01

This is all very well, except that Milo Hedge have no responded to my
e-mail, so far anyway. (I am a registered user). I wonder if anybody
knows how to fix the MathLive.m package by onself. It shouln't be too
difficult, since it basically seems to work (modulo the  error

At 4:42 AM -0500 1/26/98, George Woodrow III wrote:
>To Make mathLive work with Mathematica 3.0.x, you need a new notebook
>file, available from  Milo hedge
>The program then works fine.
>Andrzej Kozlowski wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Has anyone tried using MathLive Professional with Mathematica 3.01? On
>> my G3 Mac MathLive works without any problems with Mathematica 2.2.2 .
>> With 3.01, however, I get an error message each time a graphic object
>> is sent to MathLive (via MathLink). Nevertheless the graphics in the
>> MathLive window look and behave as they should.   Here is a typical
>> example:
>> <<Graphics`
>> In[5]:=
>> t=Graphics3D[{Red,Torus[]},Lighting->False];
>> In[6]:=
>> Live[t]
>> SurfaceGraphics::"gmat":
>>     "\!\(sfg1\) is not a rectangular array larger than 2 x 2."
>> In[7]:=
>> s=Graphics3D[{Green,Cone[]},Lighting->False];
>> In[8]:=
>> Live[s]
>> SurfaceGraphics::"gmat":
>>     "\!\(sfg1\) is not a rectangular array larger than 2 x 2."
>> Any ideas?

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