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Re: In which interval?

Pal Lillevold wrote in message <6oklgc$1nq at>...
>I need to resolve the following problem:
>Given N distinct real Intervals (x(i),x(i+1)); i=1,,,,N and a real
>number R - in which interval is R located. In other words to identify
>the unique value of i such that x(i)<=R<x(i+1). This is easy to do by
>straight forward checking which value of the N i's which match the
>inequalities. But this is very time-consuming when the number N is
>large. Has anyone been confronted with this problem and resolved it
>efficiently? I would highly appreciate any assistance.
>Thank you in advance and best regards.
>Pal Lillevold


pts = {1,2,4,6,10};

pts[[Flatten[{#-1,#}]&[Position[pts, x_/;(3<x),{1},1, Heads->False]]]]


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