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Re: Q: Graphics3D

Ulf Saalmann wrote:
> Hello,
> using the following functions
> -------------------------------------------------
> Needs["Graphics`Shapes`"];
> SetOptions[Graphics3D,LightSources->{}];
> a=Graphics3D[TranslateShape[Sphere[],{+1,0,0}],
>              AmbientLight->RGBColor[1,0,0]];
> b=Graphics3D[TranslateShape[Sphere[],{-1,0,0}],
>              AmbientLight->RGBColor[0,1,0]];
> Show[{a,b}];
> -------------------------------------------------
> Mathematica shows two red spheres.
> (1) Why I don't get a red and green one?
> (2) How to obtain a red and green one (with Lightning->True)?
> Thanks for any help.    Ulf (us at

The problem is that the AmbientLight option can have only one setting
(in this case red) for both plots when they are compined. In order to
have a red and green sphere, define white LightSources and make the
surface of the spheres red and green respectively. (With a simple color
directive in front of the shapes or with the more sophisticated
SurfaceColor directive.)

Hope that helps


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