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Re: A "singular" equation

Allan Hayes wrote:

> Patrick McLean wrote in message <728ke6$ego at>...
> >Trying to solve an ode ("Euler's" equation) Mathematica consistently
> >crashes as follows:
> >
> >% math
> >Mathematica 3.0 for Solaris
> >Copyright 1988-96 Wolfram Research, Inc.
> > -- Terminal graphics initialized --
> >
> >In[1]:= DSolve[(1-x^2)y'[x]^2==(1-y[x]^2),y[x],x] Bus Error (core
> >dumped)
> >%
> >
> >This seems pretty bad form, I must say.
> >
> Patrick,
> I agree that it should work.
> Not that it is any consolation, but it calculates OK on Windows.

Not for me it doesn't!. I'm have Mathematica version 3.00 on a 200Mhz
Pentium Pro with 64Mb RAM running Windows95. When I try to solve the
above equation I get a "This program has performed an illegal operation
..." message and I have to quit the kernel and restart it.


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